PAL’s mission of “filling playgrounds, not prisons” spoke to our committee. As individuals, we have all seen young people in our community affected by negative circumstances. Florida PAL aims to assist local member chapters by providing coordination, training, and programs that enhance the lives of the youth of Florida. We believe that this boxing match can contribute to this mission.

We are aiming to create an event that will bring together the best in business, philanthropy, and sports in the Central Florida area. All proceeds will benefit Kids Beating Cancer and the Florida Police Athletic League. We believe that supporting this cause will not only help children in Central Florida battling cancer, but will also inspire children everywhere to fight for their dreams. We will be giving away a portion of the tickets for general admission to under privileged children in the Orlando area.

SFAPAL, Inc. was formed in 1983 by 5 local PAL chapters, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Miami Beach, St. Petersburg and Tampa. The Police Officers involved had a goal of developing PAL Programs in every city and county in Florida, so youth would have an opportunity to know Police Officers and Police Officers have an opportunity to understand youth. By using athletic and education based programs during after school and weekend hours, police officers working with youth have decreased the amount of free time youth have available for negative activities.

Today SFAPAL has 52 member cities and growing. Police Departments and Sheriff’s offices realize the importance of prevention in today’s society. More than any other profession, Law Enforcement Officers realize it is more cost effective to prevent crime than to incarcerate after the crime has been committed. Since the first PAL was founded in New York City (1914) Law Enforcement Officers have contributed millions of hours to America’s youth. Florida has led the way by being the first statewide PAL Association in the United States. Other states, California, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts have followed Florida’s lead.

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